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Centre for Communicative English and Foreign Languages:

Centre for Communicative English and Foreign Languages powered by the Department of English has been active in providing training to the students in the realms of Verbal, Communication and Soft Skills.

Interested students are provided special tutelage to take on BEC, TOEFL and IELTS. Besides, the centre provides training for the overall development of the students’ personalities, with necessary emphasis on communication skills and reasoning abilities.

Many students are guided to register online courses to learn professional English, American accent and neutral English. Every week students watch BBC videos on spoken English, mock interviews, group discussions and motivational speeches to enhance communication and professional skills.

The practical sessions on Soft Skills focus on team work, negotiations, mutual consent, evolving interaction and problem solving help the students to familiarize with real life situations and nuances of overcoming them. The centre takes efforts to offer Courses in foreign languages like French, Japanese and German to make our students powerful to take up international assignments.