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The Controller of Examination
Classification of the degree Awarded:
  • Successfully earned the required number of credits as specified in the curriculum for his/her programme with in the stipulated period of study.
  • Completed the required extra credit and mandatory courses for his/her programme.
  • Successfully completed any additional courses recommended by the Academic Council whenever any candidates is readmitted under new regulations or from other institutes.
  • No disciplinary action is pending against him/her
  • The award of the degree to be approved by the Academic Council of the college and syndicate of the University
CGPA- The Cumulative Grade Point Average:

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be calculated considering the courses registered by the candidate form third semester for U.G and from first semester for all P.G including M.Sc (IP). Grade Point Average (GPA) or CGPA is calculated as follows:

  • GPA/CGPA= Where Ci is the number of Credits assigned to the course
  • GPi is the grade point obtained by the candidate in each course
  • ->n is the number of courses successfully cleared during the particular semester in the case of GPA and the number of courses registered by the candidate from third semester for U.G and from first semester for all P.G including M.Sc (Integrated Programme) in the case of CGPA.
For the successful candidates, class shall be awarded based on the CGPA as follows:
CGPA Class to be awarded
8.5 and above First class with distinction*
6.75 and above & less than 8.5 First class @
Less than 6.75 Second Class
  • *The candidate should have cleared all the subject in his/her first attempt.
  • @The candidate should have cleared the course in N+1 years, where ‘N’ is the minimum number of years required for completing the course.

Revaluation is permitted to all students who apply for revaluation within the stipulated period of time on payment of the fees. Revaluation is permitted for the papers written in regular examination as well as arrear examinations. The students are also entitled to get photocopies of their Answer Scripts on request and on payment of fees.

Unfair Means:

On receipt of a report regarding use of unfair means by any student/person at examination, including breach of any rules laid down by Institute authorities, the Controller of Examination appoints the malpractice enquiry committee to investigate and recommend appropriate disciplinary action against the student