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Departement of Computer Science and Engineering
Laboratory Details

The department of Computer Science and Engineering providing the following lab facilities for the students to develop their skills and they are well furnished.

Old Library Computer Lab:

Old library computer laboratory is equipped with dell blade server, desktop systems, laser printer, DOT matrix printer and uninterrupted power source by 50kva UPS. The lab is furnished with all the necessary software to perform the practical courses such as System software laboratory, RDBMS Laboratory, Case Tools Laboratory, Data Structures Laboratory, Computer Graphics Laboratory, Open Source Laboratory and Object Oriented Programming Laboratory.

Main Block Computer Lab:

Main Block Computer Lab is equipped with Linux Server, desktop systems, laser printer, and uninterrupted power source by 20kva UPS. This lab is used by first year students for doing their Computer Practice Laboratory I & II. It provides internet facility for the Students Community of all disciplines.

PG Block Computer Lab:

PG Block computer lab is equipped with IBM Server, desktop systems, ink jet printers with power backup of 10kva UPS. This lab is operational with necessary software to accomplish Graphics & Multimedia Laboratory, Operating Systems Laboratory and Internet Programming Laboratory, web programming laboratory. This lab is also utilized by M.Sc. and MCA students to develop their skills.