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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

This lab throws light on the techniques of designing and building power electronics circuits. Our lab is fully equipped with advanced power electronic circuits and modules. Major equipments in this lab are:

  • Step up Step down MOSFET Based Chopper
  • IGBT Based PWM Inverter 1phase (Power & Firing)
  • IGBT Based PWM Inverter 3phase (Power & Firing)
  • Resonant DC-DC converter
  • AC-DC Fully controlled converter
  • AC-DC Half controlled converter
  • DIAC & TRAIC Characteristics

The power system simulation lab is set up under MODRAB sponsored project with a budget of 10 lakhs .This lab provides hands on training to the students on power system. And it also gives knowledge to the students on how to analyse real life 3 phase power system network. This lab is well equipped with the following licensed software:

  • Power world simulator with 9 ADD-ONS
  • PSCAD software
  • MATHCAD software