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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Our department has the following well equipped laboratories through which students can able to get practical knowledge to shape their minds. The details of the Laboratories are given below:

  1. Electrical Machines lab
  2. Control and Instrumentation lab
  3. Power Electronics lab
  4. Power System Simulation lab

This laboratory imparts knowledge about characteristics and behavior of the DC and AC machines. It is also used for research and development work by various branches under electrical category. This is the core lab for Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch and ancillary lab for other branches. Major equipments in this lab are:

  • DC Rectifier unit
  • DC series motor
  • DC motor coupled with alternator set
  • DC shunt motor coupled with shunt generator set
  • DC compound motor set
  • Synchronous motor set
  • Three phase squirrel cage induction motor
  • Three phase transformer
  • Three phase auto transformer
  • DC shunt motor coupled with d.c compound generator
  • Single phase induction motor
  • Brushless alternator (3 KVA)

This Lab provides an opportunity for the students to implement the control system concepts and gain knowledge in Measurements & Instrumentation. Design and implementation of control system components are done using MATLAB software. Control system tool box is used to do the experiments in open loop and closed loop system. Instrumentation lab imparts knowledge to find unknown resistance, inductance and capacitance through various bridge circuits.Major equipments in this lab are:

  • DC Position servo trainer
  • Lead Lag Compensation Design
  • DC Servo motor controller trainer
  • AC Servo motor controller trainer
  • PID Temperature controller
  • Measurement of 3phase Power factor
  • Maxwell’s Inductance Bridge
  • Kelvin Double Bridge
  • Schering Bridge
  • Burden Pressure Transducer
  • LVDT trainer