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Staff Achievements

S.No Name Title of Publication Journal Month & Year
1 Dr.C.Christopher columbus Brain Tumour image segmentation and classification system based on the modified adaboost classifier International Journal of Applied Engineering Research November 2015
Various Improved TFIDF Scheme for term weighing in text categorization:A Survey International Journal of Applied Engineering Research November 2015
2 Dr.V.Jeyalakshmi PSO scaled Fuzzy logic to Load frequency Control in Hydrothermal Power system Journal of Soft Computing, Published on line Apr 2015, pp.1-18, DOI:0.1007/s00500-015-1659-8, ISSN : 1432-7643. Annexure - I(Impact Factor – 1.304) April 2015
Load Frequency control in Two area multi units interconnected power system using Multi objective Genetic Algorithm WSEAS Transactions on Power systems, vol.10, pp.35-45, ISSN : 1790-5060. (Annexure -II) 2015
Optimal Design of Fuzzy Controller for Load Frequency Control Using Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 8267-8285, ISSN :0973-4562.(Annexure - II 2015
Particle Swarm Intelligence Based Optimization Controller Applied to Two AreaInterconnected Power Systems vol. 239, pp .69-86, ISSN : 1876-1100. Annexure - II (Impact Factor- 0.11) 2013
Multi-Objective Optimization for Load Frequency Controller Design in Three Areas Interconnected Power Systems European Journal of Scientific Research, vol. 92, no.2, pp.283-295, ISSN: 1450-216X. (Annexure –II) 2012
3 Mr.A.Manivanna Boobathi Design of Gray-verhulst sliding mode controller for antilock braking system’ International journal of control, Automation and systems. June 2016
Firefly algorithm based fuzzy PTD controller for antilock braking systems Journal of Engineering Research June 2015