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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
About the Department

The department of Electronics and Communication engineering is one of the 10 departments in the college, which was established in the year 2001, has grown now to be a department with 21 faculty members. We have 4 PG courses, M.E. (Applied Electronics), M.E. (Communication Systems), and M.E. (Embedded System Technologies) with an intake of 18 students in each specialization.

We use teaching aids like Power Point Presentations which eventually help the students to understand the subject effectively. We have 8 Labs, Communication System Lab, Digital Signal Processing & VLSI Lab, Electron Devices Lab, National Instruments Lab, PCB Design Lab, Digital Lab, Microprocessor Lab and Optical and Microwave Lab, wherein the faculty guides the students and allows them to utilize it in an innovative way.

As the course is a specialization the management realizes the importance of having books and created a library which has specialized books in order to inculcate studious students.

In addition Scientific Magazines, Newspapers and Journals are prescribed by the institution to update the students. The students can browse the vast knowledge available in the websites; these make them intellectual to compete in the society.

The management and the faculties are very concerned on the welfare of the students and in order to achieve the goal, the management has formulated rules and regulations to make the student to build their life in a disciplined, self-esteemed manner.

  • To provide expertise and contribute significantly to the Electronics Industry
  • To be a partner with Local, State, National, and International Entities
  • To nurture our graduates interpersonal skills
  • To provide individual attention and take care of character building