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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Laboratory Details
  • Our EIE department has the following well equipped laboratories.
  • Transducers and Measurements laboratory
  • Industrial Instrumentation laboratory
  • Process Control laboratory
  • Instrumentation System Design laboratory
Transducers and Measurements Laboratory:

In the process Industries, Transducers have important role for energy conversion. In this lab, students hand on practice with different transducer such as primary transducer, secondary transducer, active & passive transducer (thermo couple ,RTD, thermistor ) properties, their characteristic, ranges & their applications in industries. To define the physical and electrical quantities, units and their standards measurement lab is used. By this, students learn about A.C & D.C bridges CRO applications & function generator . This lab also represent the advancement of CRO application, DSO (digital storage oscilloscope).

Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory:

The purpose of training in this lab is to impart an adequate knowledge and expertise to handle equipment generally available in an industry. The training gained by the student in this area will be of immense help and ease for him in any industrial establishment. It is to impart practical training to the students in the field of calibrating pressure gauges, transducers switches and indicators etc.

Process Control Laboratory:

Our Process Control Laboratory is equipped with a variety of modern instrumentation and control equipment that serves teaching and research needs in the area of process control engineering applications. Experiments that are conducted here include temperature control, cascade control system, level control, pressure control and flow control; digital simulations with MATLab is also included in some of these experiments.

Instrumentation System Design Laboratory:

With the help of the Design lab, students come to know about investigating, analytical models and efficient computational mechanisms that enable automated decision-making in distributed and collaborative computing applications in industry .Students are trained in the design concepts of Instrumentation amplifier, active filters, V/I and I/V converters, signal conditioning circuits using strain gauge, RTD.