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Department of CHEMISTRY

The Department of Chemistry is accessible to all and is an integral part of a liberal arts education. It is committed to make the students understand the basic concepts of engineering chemical science by providing a personal and a congenial environment. It is ubiquitous to human kind as it has nexus with the complex problems in the processes of life. The department comprises of talented members of staff who are well-versed in their fields of inquiry and teaching. The faculty members periodically present research papers at National and International seminars and conferences. The teachers bring up-to-date to cope with the growing demands and the challenging trends of the industry and the research. The department possesses excellent full-fledged laboratory with sophisticated equipment for the students during their course of study. For example, the practical like estimation of hardness, conductometric titrations , Viscosity of polymer and pH metry titrations are included. Visual teaching/learning aids and learning resource materials are available and our chemistry laboratories are well-equipped.


The mission of the department is to provide quality Scientific and Technical education, training, innovation and creativity in the areas of Pure and Applied Sciences.

To feed the engineers with the finer aspects of science, to help them understand, innovate and thereby contributing to the uplift of the society. To have the popularity of leading the learners from mere theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of these basic disciplines so that the learners internalize these principles.

• To emerge as a global centre in the field of Engineering and Applied Chemistry and foster high quality engineers with sound knowledge in basic chemistry.
• To educate the future technocrats about the advances of basic chemical sciences in the field of technology.
• To provide sustainable solution for the environmental crisis prevailing around the globe.
Major equipments available in the Laboratories:
    • Hot Air oven
    • Conductivity Bridge
    • Heating Mantle
    • Oswald Viscometer
    • Electronic Balance
    • Digital Potentiometer with Magnetic Stirrer
    • Digital pH Meter with Electrode
    • Digital Conductivity Meter with conductivity cell
    • Flame Photometer
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Water Bath Thermostatic
    • Water Still with water level Cut Off System
    • Physical Balance
    • Chemical Balance