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Department of MATHEMATICS

The Department of Mathematics plays a vital role in the Engineering curriculum as it sharpens the wit of engineers. It takes exhaustive steps and provides cakewalk to the students by training their logical, reasoning and critical thinking. It imparts the knowledge of mathematical science with precision and motivate the students to pursue research in various engineering fields and generate mathematical thinking to solve complex engineering problems by providing mathematical experiences, exploring and learning opportunities, and relevant applications in the study and understanding of quantities, operations and measurements, as expressed by numbers and symbols. The department also supports the engineering departments by offering core and advance courses in mathematics at the undergraduate level in various semesters.


The mission of the department is to provide quality Scientific and Technical education, training, innovation and creativity in the areas of Pure and Applied Sciences. To feed the engineers with the finer aspects of science, to help them understand, innovate and thereby contributing to the uplift of the society. To have the popularity of leading the learners from mere theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of these basic disciplines so that the learners internalize these principles.

• To empower students with sound knowledge and investigate new methodologies for future applications.
• To bring out full-fledged competent Engineers and Managers by educating them to become excellent professional.