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Department of PHYSICS

The Department of Physics plays a vital role in imparting the incredible aspects of basic foundation principles in Science. The department comprises highly qualified staff members and is equipped with well-furnished laboratory. Devoted, enthusiastic and energetic faculty members are involved in teaching and research activities and working towards fostering a scientific temperament. The faculty members of Physics are guiding the students in Applied Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Solid State Devices and Materials Science. They are making the students to realize their contribution in technical field and research areas. The research work is progressing in the field of crystallography, crystal growth, thin films and nano materials. The spacious and well set Physics laboratory helps the students to gain thorough knowledge about the experiments. This department is committed to enrich and empower the staff and students by conducting productive and periodic workshops, seminars and conferences. The areas of research interest of the faculty members include Electron Para-magnetic Resonance (EPR), crystal physics, thermodynamic properties of amino acid studies by ultrasonic method. Students are trained in photography, video graphy, crystallography and multimedia presentation.


The mission of the department is to educate the future technocrats about the advances of basic chemical sciences in the field of technology.

    • To provide quality Scientific and Technical education, training innovation and creativity in the areas of Pure and Applied Sciences.
    • To feed the engineers with the finer aspects of science, to help them understand, innovate and thereby contributing to the uplift of the society.
• To encourage the inquisitiveness of the students and make them understand the fundamentals of technology
• It works with a synergic combination of teaching and research by promoting excellence in technical education and scientific research through the effective use of physics in real-time engineering problems.