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Hostel Facilities

We have provided separate hostel for boys and girls in the college campus. For accommodating the boys we have more than 250 rooms to accommodate 850 students and accommodating the girls we have more than 100 rooms to accommodate 500 students.

Living in halls of residing is a brilliant opportunity to make a lot of friends. The world ‘hostel’ does not describe a place; it describes attitude, a philosophy, a coming together of culturally diverse people sharing the wonders, high and low, of the traveling adventure. The residential concept at the PSNCET halls of residence/hostels is to simulate home conditions thereby creating a warm and welcoming communal camaraderie between guests. This is with the intention of providing the students with the most atmospheres to pursue their studies in comfort.

Students are allowed to stay outside of the campus with their parents only.

Facilities in Hostel:
  1. Hygienic study environment in the rooms
  2. Good ventilation
  3. 24 hours water supply
  4. Hygienic bath rooms
  5. Hygienic food as prescribed by dietician.
  6. Uninterrupted power supply , separate Generator for Students
  7. Medical facility available with medicines provided to sick students
  8. Gym facilities
  9. Swimming Pools
Name of the Hostel :
  1. Bharathi Hostel(Boys)
  2. Anchor hostel(Boys)
  3. Narmadha Hostel(Girls)
  4. Ganga Hostel(Girls)