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Media Centre

The Media Centre was established in our institute with the aim to produce in-house quality educational programmes for all the engineering streams. At present, video based educational programmes and the e-contents are developed in the media centre. This centre provides technical support to teachers and other experts for the development of e-Content, which do not seek to replace traditional teaching and learning, but are expected to supplement them. The e-content once developed, the links of the e content are available in the e - learning portal and in the you tube channel maintained by the media centre of the college.


The goal of this centre is to encourage individual teachers, groups of teachers and other experts in e-content development and multimedia production to develop educational content in electronic format, suitable for use in various teaching and learning programmes. This scheme is opened to teachers in all subjects and disciplines.

Lecture Recording Facility using 75 inch 4K Interactive panel

  • The centre is equipped with the following equipment for Lecture Capturing, editing and storing and uploading in the websites.

    1. 1. Wacom tablet for lecture capturing
    2. 2. Sony Handy Cam
    3. 3. Mixture and Speakers
    4. 4. Core i7 high end computer with 16GB RAM and Graphics card
    5. 5. 75 inch 4K Newline Interactive Panel (Smart Board)
    6. 6. Core i5 OPS computer
    7. 7. People link cordless Blue tooth speaker with Mic
    8. 8. People link HD wide angle camera
    9. 9. OBS Software for editing
    10. 10. Hard disk for storage.

    With the help of 75 inch 4K Newline Interactive panel and blue tooth mic, the lecture shall be recorded with full size video of the teacher which will be more realistic. More than 100 videos in different subjects have been developed and made available for the benefit of students and which are also used in e-learning applications like google class room.

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    Media Centre

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